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KENDALL Conform Elastic Adhesive Tape at Cheapekgpaper.com

Retail Price: $26.65

Sale Price: $ 21.65

Product Description:

Conform Elastic Adhesive Tape

Soft fabric stretches and adapts to any body area. Tears by hand. Ventilation pores permit free evaporation of skin moisture.


KENDALL CURITY Hyoallergenic Clear Tape at Cheapekgpaper.com

Retail Price: $20.00

Sale Price: $ 17.25

Product Description:

CURITY Hyoallergenic Clear Tape

Transparent plastic tape adheres well to skin and tubing. Ideal for I.V. tubing and catheter tape downs. Easily torn across or lengthwise.

WelchAllyn Screening Audiometer (Audioscope 3), Welch Allyn Instruments at Cheapekgpaper.com

Retail Price: $710.00

Sale Price: $ 690.00

Product Description:

Halogen light and fiber optics for brilliant view of the tympanic membrane and ear canal prior to and during hearing screening. Choice of 3 screening levels – 20dB HL, 25dB HL and 40dB HL at 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 Hz to suit all ages. Pretone for patient test practice. Random tone intervals for objectivity. Unique eartip design eliminates the need for headphones. Rechargeable with charging stand.

Sony UPC – 2010 Paper & Ink,Sony Print Media at Cheapekgpaper.com

Retail Price: $124.99

Sale Price: $ 104.99

Product Description:

Printer paper and ink for the following printers; UP-2100, UP-2300, UP-2900MD, UP-2950MD, UP-D2500, And other UP-2000 series printers. 200 prints per box.

Johnson+Johnson Waterproof Tape, Adhesive Tape at Cheapekgpaper.com

SKU : JJ-5131
Retail Price: $35.00

Sale Price: $ 32.25

Product Description:

Waterproof Tape

For support strapping wherever moisture resistance is desired. Will not allow moisture to penetrate through tape. Strong, yet tears easily.

Sony UPP-110HG Thermal; Black & White Paper Rolls at Cheapekgpaper.com

Retail Price: $100.24

Sale Price: $ 80.99

Product Description:

5 rolls of thermal paper for the following printers; UP-850, UP-860, UP-870MD, UP-890MD, UP-880, UP-D890, UP-895MD.

3M LITTMANN Classic II S.E. Stethoscope at Cheapekgpaper.com

Retail Price: $89.00

Sale Price: $ 79.00

Product Description:

The standard of the industry features 3M\’s patented tunable diaphragm for improved low-frequency response and the ability to hear both low and high-frequency sounds without turning over the chestpiece.

3M Red Dot Electrode 2239, Cheap Electrodes, 3m Electrodes, EKG Paper

Retail Price: $495.00
Sale Price: $ 460.00

About This Product

* 6cm diameter
* micropore tape, solid gel
* 1000/cs (sold by the case)

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